Ag Wheel Exchange is an Online Marketplace where you can buy and sell agricultural wheels.

Think of it as an online farm sale for wheels, but with a team of wheel and tyre specialists on hand to make sure they’ll work on your machine.

How it started

Why are the wheels I want to sell worth nothing? When the price of what I want to buy just seems to go up?

We had the same frustration. The problem is visibility - with multiple tyres sizes, manufacturers, inter-axle ratios and track widths, the chances of any one set of wheels being right for the next person are slim. So was born - a way of making any wheels visible to multiple farmers and tractor dealers. And getting the right price when we find the right customer.

Put us to the test - with our team of wheel & tyre specialists, we will ensure that your wheels find the right home for the right price.

Who we are

We’re not just a website – we’re real people! Not only that – but we understand farming and we know our AG Wheels. Some of the Ag Wheel Exchange team have been selling ag wheels and tyres since the 1980’s.

A picture of the Ag Wheel Exchange team.


How we can help you

Ag Wheel exchange is the place to buy and sell agriculture wheels. Whether you are buying or selling wheels, we are here to help. We’ll handle the calls, check they work on the new machine, and arrange collection/delivery.

How it works

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Arial view of our yard and stockTwo farmers pleased with their purchase of a trailer wheel.A John Deere tractor cultivating in a field

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