How To Sell Your Wheels

How To Sell Your Wheels

When you sell your wheels we'll ask you for a few details about your wheels.  Below, you'll find our guide to filling out the form.

Machine description

Please enter the full description of the machine/implement the wheels have come off.  For example, this might be 'John Deere 6130R' or 'JCB 536-70 AGRI SUPER'

Tyre Details

Please enter the tyre size accurately as it is written on the tyre wall.  For most tyres this will be a metric measurement of the tyre width and aspect ratio, with the rim size in inches, eg. 600/65R38.  It may also be an imperial measurement, for example 18.4R34.

You will also be asked for the tyre brand, please enter the manufacture and the tyre model.  For example BKT AGRIMAX; Michelin MULTIBIB; Trelleborg TM800.

Tyre wear

We measure the percentage of tread remaining on the tyre.  Whilst this is always an approximate measurement, please make as accurate an estimation as possible of the current tread depths vs the tread depth when the tyre was new.  Also, use the notes section to add details about the tyre's condition, eg. any cutting to lugs; damage to the bead or sidewall; repairs that have taken place; uneven tread wear etc.


Please select whether the rims have fixed or adjustable centres.  Fixed rims have the centre continuously seam welded to the outer rim, whereas adjustable rims are bolted to lugs welded to the outer rim.  In the images below, the red rim is adjustable and the orange rim is fixed.  Please also enter the track width the wheels are designed to run to, if applicable.

Adjustable rimFixed rim

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