What are IF and VF tyres?

What are IF and VF tyres?

Quick Facts:

IF Tyres

IF stands for Increased Flexion

Improves tyre performance by 20% compared to standard tyres.

VF Tyres

VF stands for Very High Flexion

Improves tyre performance by 40% compared to standard tyres.

More information on the differences between IF and VF tyres.

IF and VF are categories of tyres that will help increase farming efficiency through reducing compaction and increasing fuel economy.


IF Tyres

IF, which stands for ‘Increased Flexion’, is a new category of radial tyre introduced when Michelin launched the Michelin Axiobib tyres in 2006. 

Tyres classified as IF have increased flexibility in the sidewall than standard radial tyres – this means that an IF will carry loads that are 20% heavier than identical sized standard radial tyres (when running at the same inflation pressure).  Alternatively, the IF tyres can carry the same load as standard tyres, but at 20% less pressure.

According to ATG, ‘a farmer can increase the tyres ground contact area, helping with traction and fuel economy, and reduce the harmful downward forces that cause soil compaction by roughly the same amount as the reduction in inflation pressure.’


VF Tyres

VF, which stands for ‘Very Increased Flexion’ or ‘Very High Flexion’, was introduced by Michelin in 2003 with the launch of the Michelin Xeobib range. 

VF is similar to the IF range except that it offers increased tyre performance of 40% over standard tyres rather than 20%.  VF tyres will carry 40% more load, at identical pressure, than a standard radial tyre – or will carry the same load at 40% lower pressure.

By lowering the pressure required to carry the weight, a VF tyre footprint is enlarged and therefore increases traction and consequently fuel economy.  It also reduces compaction resulting in better plant growth and higher crop yields.


New Tyre Advancements

Over the last few years IF and VF tyres have become much more popular.  Popular rowcrop sizes (such as the VF 380/85R38 BKT Spargo for the JCB 4220 Fastracs) and VF tyres in standard tyre sizes (such as Michelin Axiobib 2's and Bridgestone VT-Tractor) have made low pressure tyres a more viable option for farmers.  A table of the common IF and VF makes and models are shown below:


IF Tyres

VF Tyres

Michelin Axiobib

Michelin Cerexbib

Trelleborg TM1000 HP

Trelleborg TM3000

Firestone MaxiTraction IF

BKT Force

BKT Sirio

Michelin Xeobib

Michelin Axiobib 2

Michelin Cerexbib

Michelin Spraybib

Michelin Yieldbib

Bridgestone VT-Tractor

Trelleborg TM1060

Trelleborg TM150

Mitas HC1000

Mitas HC2000

Mitas HC3000

BKT V-Flecto

BKT Spargo

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