Ag Wheel Exchange is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell agricultural wheels.

Think of it as an online farm sale for wheels, but with a team of wheel and tyre specialists on hand to make sure they’ll work on your machine.

How it works: Buy

Ag Wheel Exchange aims to have the largest selection of used wheels available to view online.

Rowcrops, flotation, standard and turf wheels – tractors, sprayers, trailers & harvesters. We have something for everyone. If you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us and we will do our best to source some for you.

To view the wheels available, click here.

Use the filters to view tractor make, tyre make or tyre size.

We have agricultural wheel specialist on-hand to advise whether the wheels will work with your tractors stud fittings, interaxle ratio, and trackwidths. Simply give us a call or enquire on the produce for more information.

Prices exclude VAT and delivery. Contact us to work out the cost of delivery to you (normally between £120-300 to deliver to anywhere in the UK).

To buy, submit an enquiry or give us a call.

How it works: Sell

Got a decent set of wheels you don’t use any more? Most farms have them, most tractor dealerships have lots of them!

Maybe they’re off a tractor you’ve sold or maybe you’ve swapped the tractor onto different sized wheels.

Ag Wheel Exchange lets you advertise and sell your wheels on our website

Does it cost?

This website is designed to help our customers maximise the value of their surplus wheel stock. Upload your wheel details, use the website as your own, sell your own wheels to your own customers and there will be no charge. No advertising fees. Nothing.

Commission will be charged in the following scenarios:

  1. An end-user buys the wheels for his own use. As seen, from your yard and without notice: 10%
  2. BWT (Brocks Wheel & Tyre) purchases your wheels for resale. As seen, from your yard and without notice: 20%
  3. Where your wheels make part of a sale and involve transport to BWT for modifications, paintwork, change of tyres, etc we will offer the trade value proposed in your valuation.
    You will have the opportunity to accept or decline.

Where to start:

Click here to start the process. Our website will walk you through the information we need to advertise your wheels. We’ll ask you to upload a couple of pictures and suggest a price you want to get for them.

Wondering what pictures to take? Click here

Once it’s all uploaded, we’ll have a look over the advert to check it all makes sense and approve it to let it show live on the website. We try and do this by 10am the next day. Sometimes we will suggest a different price to sell them at – but we will always check with you first.

Once they are sold, we will contact you to let you know and arrange the next step.

How it works: Value

Have a set of wheels you’re hoping to sell or part exchange. Want an idea of what they’re worth?

Follow the instructions on the value page and our website will give you a guide price.