Agricultural wheel sets

Use the filters below to find Ag Wheel sets for tractors, sprayers, trailers and harvesters. We regularly deliver UK wide. Prices exclude delivery.

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420/55-17 BKT AS504 tyres on 6 stud rims

£195.00Exc. VAT

650/85R38 and 600/70R30 Michelin on JD rims

£10,370.00Exc. VAT

540/65R38 and 480/65R24 Mitas on John Deere rims

£2,990.00Exc. VAT

VF 710/60R42 and VF 600/60R30 Michelin on rims

£4,870.00Exc. VAT

420/85R38 and 340/85R28 Firestone on MF rims

£2,670.00Exc. VAT

800/70R38 and 600/70R30 Michelin on NH rims

£6,900.00Exc. VAT

Pair of VF 600/60R28 Michelin tyres on NH rims

£2,370.00Exc. VAT

650/65R42 and 540/65R30 Michelin on Massey rims

£6,990.00Exc. VAT

Pair 900/50R42 Michelin on rims

£4,980.00Exc. VAT

Pair of 600/65R38 Goodyear tyres on Stocks Ag Duals

£1,000.00Exc. VAT

Pair of 520/85R46 Alliance tyres on rims

£1,800.00Exc. VAT

9.5x44 and 8.3x32 rowcrops for JD 2650

£1,050.00Exc. VAT