What pictures should I take of my wheels?

1. The overview image

This is the most important picture you will take.

It's the main image that will show and will decide whether your potential buyer even opens the product listing.

It should show the full set of wheels as it will be shown on the product search page and will be the main image when you open the product listing.

Its not always easy, but a neat background makes a big difference. Rusty machines and/or a jungle of weeds will make even the nicest wheels look old.

2. Rear tyre: Close up of the tread

Take a picture showing how much tread is left on the rear tyre.

Make sure any stone cuts or scratches on the lugs are visible.

How to take pictures of your wheels to sell

3. Front tyre: Close up of the tread

Repeat step 2, but for the front tyres.

How to take pictures of your wheels to sell

4. Rear wheel: Close up of the rim

This picture needs to show what type of rim it is (fixed, adjustable or dual), how many stud holes, and general condition of the paint work.

Potential buyers want to see if the paintwork is neat and count the number of studs.

5. Front wheel: Close up of the rim

Repeat step 4, but for the front wheels.

6. Additional pictures

If there are any repairs, damage or marks on the wheels/tyres, you must show this clearly in the images (and say in the description).

Feel free to upload any additional pictures that help show the product, i.e. if you have a picture showing the wheels on your tractor etc.